If there ever comes a day we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, i’ll stay there forever.

Title ; i totally agree (: please, i hope you will remember me , just remember me PLEASEE >.< i don’t want you to forget me…. kekeke Picture ; yes, i think this applies to yiling HAHAHAAA! (right pearlynn? kailynn? weiwen? christine? lovell?) shall tell you MORE later on (: TODAY I SLEPT at 0030. ^^ = i didn’t sleep yesterday night! so kewl xP. daddy drove me to school (: and i was the lonely lonely girl sitting at sjab bench, doing the box! THE BOX. i tell you (: i really hope YOU will like it :D no morning assembly. ohoh! morning lalala went to marmie’s classroom, aaaah so cool! (: i love her so much kekeke… but then everyone like her >.< then they have such a BIG family… then my family like only have me leh ): sad face. but never mind (: 100% share mah! hahaha! ^^ (p.s. i think lovell, you won’t get this part, only christine, weiwen , marmie will ._. cos i know your four read my blog keke!) CHINESE, comprehension! CHRISTINE SO CUTE LAH!! >< she keep talking with vanessa COS she thought can continue doing the comprehension AFTER lesson ends… but no ): hahaha… sorry christine >< for cutting you off, telling you to concentrate on your work. Sorry ah! HOMEECONS. OMGOMGOMG FUNFUNFUN. I LOVE MY CHICkEN bURGER. THE COOKING PROCESS. and the AUNTY. >< the teacher like DONTCARE us de leh…. (at some point ) we ask her : _____, can we take this? _____, must we take the bread? AND SHE TOTALLY IGNORE US D: sad face! JASMINE CHUA IS MY PARTNERRR. YAY! so cooooool. teacher gave us a demo, then we started hands-on, jasmine didnt dare touch the GOOOEEEEY meat+egg yolk+soy sauce+breadcrumbs, so i ended up being the one mixing it with the stirrer thingy , and then my bare hands. omg! i realise HOW LONG I HAVE NOT BEEEEN BAKING.. 7 months ):! hahaha.. and my cooking mixer… it’s like D: where is it??? idc!! I MUST BAKE THIS NOV/DEC HOLIDAYS! then force squadmates to eat HAHAHAH. i am so evil ><. frying of meatt. OMG. we burnt our meat ALMOST. :D ANDAND!! WE FORMED HEARTSHAPE MEAT. COOL RIGHT! it was MY idea hahaha!! xP VANESSA also! :) kekeke great minds TOTALLY think alike lo! then the nice aunty see our meat burnt, (cos we didn’t know) she run towards us and say “ni men de chao da le!” >.< aiyoo. then she help us cook OMG SO NICE! cos we actually set the fire to it’s highest temp ._. (: overall : it was aweeeesummmm! yay! RECESS: boxing in progress hahaha! we are so productive i tell you. three cheers, five cheers, seven, eight , nine cheers for CHRISTINE+KAILYNN!! hip hip hoooraaay! geography (: we are going to the farm this weeeek yay! douce not going ): LA. i cant believe i thought we need to hand in summary NEXT thursday, >< anw most of us also thought kekeke. recess : it was like, impromptu squad lunch? list from oldest to youngest… :D VALERINE, XIN YI, WEIWEN, JOWEH (eh i so old leh), KAILYNN, YILING, CHRISTINE, PEARLYNN! i so old ): I SO OLD! I SOOOOOO OLD TT i am like the fourth one? HAISH. we sang birthday song to seniors (we sang another time) aiyoo, squaddies all very hahaha! so erm, thin-skinned, me and yiling wanted to sing happy birthday to amabel loud loud one >< then all of them (the above) dont want xP! hehee, but aiyoo so cute lah squadmates! i love yaaaaaall. (okay, i am referring to ALL squadmates k!) history! hinduism.. omg! so scary >< untouchables!!! OMG. they are like so ke lian….. ): after school… YILING AND PEARL AND WEIWEN COME FIND US. YILING WENT ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. >< poor us. but she so cute! kekeke SHE WAS DANCING AND DANCING AND DANCING. later we went down for room duty. SHE DANCED WITH A BROOM. (she calls it dusty) rofl!! I LOVE YILING. our squad’s clown (: princess yiling! (you are not a monster) room duty done, bused home with pearl, WE SAW RUBBYYYY. ate macs together (: ^^ OH! and while we are coming down from 105, we saw her! HER! HEEEEEEEEEEEER! rawr.

JOey D: why everyone know what DOJO stands for…. mega creepy ><

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